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The Johnson Administration White House Christmas Cards by Robert H Laessig

How exciting for American Greetings Corporation when President Johnson decided to go with their company for the White House Christmas Cards. Six artists submitted their samples and lucky for Robert that he had just the style and softness that Mrs. Johnson was looking for.

She loved his gentle renditions of nature and they captured her eye and her heart. So much so that he was commissioned to do their Christmas Cards for the duration of President Johnsonís term in office. Robert told Mrs. Johnson that he put part of himself in every painting, not just what he saw but what he felt.

For sixteen years Robert had painted flowers for American Greetings and had won many national prizes. He was invited to the White House to get inspiration for the task. He viewed the White House from every vantage point taking photographs and making sketches. This was such an honor for Robert.

1964 "Southwestern Willow"
Southwestern Willow White House Christmas Card 1964 by Robert H Laessig
1965 "the South Lawn"
The South Lawn White House Christmas Card 1965 by Robert H Laessig
1966 "American Elm"
American Elm White House Christmas Card 1966 by Robert H Laessig
1967 "the Blue Room Tree"
The Blue Room Tree White House Christmas Card 1967 by Robert H Laessig
1968 "South Portico View in Spring"
South Protico View in Spring White House Christmas Card 1968 by Robert H Laessig
1969 "South Portico View in Winter"
South Portico View in Winter White House Christmas Card 1969 by Robert H Laessig
Season's Greetings From the White House by Mary Evans Seeley The Collection of Presidential Christmas Cards, Messages and Gifts For more information on Robert H. Laessig's contributions to the Johnson Administration's White House Christmas cards and prints, please see "Season's Greetings From the White House" by Mary Evans Seeley

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